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Rolling In the Crud

So, you wake up feeling like shit, would rather stay in bed with the pillow over your head than face the day…. What’s a girl to do?

Revel in the misery…..

You heard me right. If you are going to take the time to feel miserable, you may as well dive head first into it. Roll around in it like a dog in dung with pleasure and gusto, holding nothing back. Really, hit the floor and roll. In Nia, this stage of development is called embryonic. In the world of pleasure, it’s the place where we get to embrace our dark side in all of it’s scariness. It’s also the place where we get to birth ourselves once more.

In all of my years on this planet, I’ve never been able to see light without first walking through the dark. Skipping steps, pretending everything is beautiful and cheery, just ends up biting you in the butt later. It’s geography. If you don’t deal with that nagging, uncomfortable feeling, it’s bound to show up elsewhere and at the most inopportune times….

So, if stuff comes up, don’t stuff it back down. Invite it to dance with you: sob, roll, punch, cry, scream, wail – go for the full range and performance of your emotions. Invite judgement to come in and play with that, too. Might as well, while you’re at it. Keep going until you feel complete.

And when you’re done, wipe the snot off your face, take a long luxurious shower, lather your body with your favorite cream, put on your sexiest bra and panties and get on with your day – with pleasure.

It takes courage to wrestle with our emotions, to stay with them and to let them move through our bodies – putting aside the fear that they might hijack and consume us entirely, and trusting that you are safe.

I promise, you won’t regret diving in. The air smells so much sweeter when you are done.

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