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Rewriting Your Story

Do you feel stuck living a tale woe? You know, the one of blame, victim, doubt, guilt and shame? Well, time to put on your big girl panties, and tell a different story. I know, I’ve been there. Though the story drains us of energy, there is a comfort to telling it. It’s akin to wearing a ratty yet familiar well-worn sweater to a night out with your sisters, expecting some cute handsome thing to fall at your feet. You can’t even see what others do: a disheveled mess. I have to admit, I just ditched a sweater I had been hanging on to for close to 30 years….. It took some doing – and I managed it unceremoniously. It was time for a new perspective. One that fits who I have become.

We all have a personal story. It’s what give us a sense of place, a way to belong in this life and to know ourselves as unique. In many cases our stories, turned inward, don’t serve us in creating our highest life purpose. If I believe the chapter of my story entitled “I Am Not Worthy of Loving Relationships”, that belief will play itself out. If I believe the chapter of my story called “I Will Never Have Enough Money”, that, too, will find a way of becoming my experience. This is how we create our life.

What we believe is what shows up. It is a simple truth with amazing power. What if we are holding on to a story that we have outgrown? What if we are truly capable of creating and expressing ourselves ways greater than we can even imagine?

Don’t get me wrong. Our stories serve us – when we dig deep, we can see that they hold gifts. Our stories of abandonment hold gifts of independence and self-reliance. Our stories of unworthiness hold the treasure of a drive to succeed. Both aspect of our stories co-exist to make us whole – they need each other, just as the shadow needs the light. To rewrite our stories we cannot divide and conquer the “good” over the “evil” in our lives. Rather, both aspects invite us to look at the story from the perspective of the light that comes from walking through the shadow experience. Wisdom, compassion and understanding are essential to our new story.

If we need to have a personal story at all (and of course we do), then why not look at those aspects we’d rather not and make it a best-seller? Why not craft a story about the things that are, seemingly, negative and how, when given the proper attention, allow us to experience the large and small miracles of a lifetime? Why not be, in our own story about ourselves, blessed and lucky for all of who we are?

It’s our story. We’re the authors of our lives, and we’re making it up as we go along. Splitting ourselves off, keeps us divided and separated from our Source. That ratty old sweater served me for years – it kept me connected to my youth (and believe me, it was no cakewalk). I have just made a choice to do so without the physical reminder. My sisters appreciate it. I look way better now on a girl’s night out. In so doing, I am allowing myself to integrate into the full Masterpiece that I am.

May this tool be a blessing. . .

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