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Responding v. Reacting

Requires pause. Space. It is a deliberate act, a fierce act of courage and self-nurturing. Helps us move from the why to the how and what.
If we can only see that every situation is neutral. It is just energy passing between two people. That reacting is based upon beliefs, attitudes, feelings and interpretations. A knee jerk reaction. Jerk is how we may end up feeling.

We can literally take 2 steps back and ask for time.
Responding requires choice: the ability to see that one is having an internal reaction to an external situation and then say, “Let me think about that”, “I’d like to give it my full consideration before I give you my answer”, “Hmmm, let me process that one”, “I’ll get back to you on that”. This is a gift. Time. Time to process rather than react.

So we may be true.

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