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Are you pissy on Valentine’s Day?

This past Friday, the women in my Dare to Love Greatly: The Art of Wholehearted Relationship class decided to get together for some fun and frolic at a local upscale bar.

As any teacher wishing to challenge their students, I charged them with several tasks, one of which was to ask a man to write  them a love note, and report back by posting a photo on our Secret FB page….  Honestly, I was curious as to whether they were going to take the challenge.

I was wrong…  

On Saturday morning our FB page was filled with photos…  Here are just a few…


Coming together…


The men willing to help out…


Letters written in both English and Italian….


Roses, just because…

All had been a little scared.  All had been shy.  All got the task done…

And learned that it pays off to take a risk to get what you want.

This week, I share what it takes.  Click below to find out how.

Asking for what you want from Joelle Lydon on Vimeo.

Now it’s your turn:  Take some risks this week – asking for small, seemingly insignificant things to bigger things.  Do some research around asking – and, of course report back!

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In love, service and pleasure,



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