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On Values and Life Purpose

What happens when my values and my life haven’t aligned? I find myself struggling, behaving in ways that just are not a true reflection of who I am. Until ICA, I really hadn’t considered my values with such intensity – and it was helpful to have a tool ( the values game) to begin the clarification process.

What I realized in this process is that it made absolute sense as to why, in so many instances in my life, I ended making a mess of things: not trusting myself enough, not having enough clarity on what was of importance to me, not having them defined enough to make the kinds of decisions I needed to in order to get my needs met. Instead, I put others’ interests above my own. Not a recommended recipe for a successful, joyfilled, integritous and purposeful life.

So, I’m a slow learner. I know understand that If I don’t know where I am going, I’ll get anywhere except where my heart truly desires. It was easier to pretend to be lost rather than live in the answer. I have taken the circuitous route to my life purpose – which is not entirely clear to me at the moment except to say that I know I was born to serve, to help others see the light within, to express their deepest longing and facilitate it’s manifestation.

Coaching is an amazing tool for clients to reflect on both their values and life purpose. It allows them to shift their focus point from what they don’t want in their lives to what they do. It allows the client to understand that once they have clarity on what drives their needs, they can then assess all action toward their desires as either being in alignment with or out of balance with their values and purpose.

It can also allow limiting beliefs time to bubble to the surface – clients may wish to make change, and when they realize they have been the obstacle, resistance shows up. These are great opportunities for growth and change. They give the client and coach a chance to address other issues standing in the way of the client’s purpose before moving on. In this way, coaching is an multi-facetted, organic process of gaining self awareness while making change.

Sometimes we just have to empty out the cup of past conditioning so that it may be filled with the knowledge and wisdom we’ve gained with experience – Having clarity on values allows both coach and client to begin to live a purposeful life. Once life has a sense of purpose and direction, joy becomes the only way to live.

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