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What were you thinking?????

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 8.05.09 PMYou are on a spectacular date.

He might be “The One.”

And you are TOTALLY DIGGING him.

The conversation is going SO well, SO smoothly, SO…

You want to make sure he really likes you.

The pressure’s on.

The heat is high.

When, before you can press “DELETE”, you mouth opened itself up and “SENT” the most inane question.

What were you thinking?

Where did that come from?

You blush.  Try to back out.  Feel like a complete failure.

That’s it, you think.  He’ll never like me now.

And you spend the remainder of the date picking at each little imperfection you possess, like a vulture….

What happened?  Today You get to find out.  Even more, you get to learn a tool that will help keep  you frisky, fun and fresh on your dates.  Click below to find out!

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN:  How did your research go on releasing your charge this week?  Let us know below!

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In love, service and pleasure,

Joelle Lydon


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