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My Wishes for you for 2013

As we look at the beginning of 2013, we have a chance to “start over again.”

Yet,  whether it is conscious or unconscious, we often find ways to make a mess of the present moment, whenever we are in it.

Often these thoughts, which are based on future outcomes,  determine our present mind-set.  These thoughts,  When-Then thoughts, sound like this:

When so and so happens, then I will begin to start living.  Then I will be happy.  Then I’ll feel complete.”

You may not  realize how big a role if-then thinking can play in your life.

Take a moment and name something you’d like to have.  For some, it’s weight loss.  “When I lose those 10 lbs, then everything will be okay.”  Others might be thinking about finding a partner.  “When I find the perfect mate, then I would be happy.”  Some would like to get out of a sticky situation.  “When I leave my job, then I will feel free.” Or, “When I divorce my husband, then everything will be alright.” And still others think it’s about the money or the car or the house, “When I have $250,000, then I could do all the traveling I want, then I’d have the perfect house and then I’d have it all together…” Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah (insert Charlie Brown teacher voice here…)

Listen.  There is no way to live in the now, to appreciate life, to enjoy the resources you have and to be a successful person, while you are stuck in When-Then thought pattern. It keeps you stuck in victimization, in an underlying feeling that something is wrong or missing.  And, that SOME THING, that STUFF is what is keeping you from having the life you seek.

The only thing holding  you back from being Joyful is the thought that you are not.

Joyful means appreciating your life without the desire for it to be different.  

I define contentment as looking at life without wishing it was different.  It is a highly advanced state of mind that does not come naturally, but which is available to us all if we work for it.  When-Then thinking flies in the face of Joy.

Please understand that there is a big difference between When-Then thinking and working towards a goal.  With When-Then thinking, you’ve have given up altogether – you are spinning around in a Wheel of Limiting Beliefs.  You have stopped feeling alive and you’ve placed a condition on life that is dependent upon something coming to fruition.

Working toward a goal can be truly enjoyable – even when we don’t succeed at first shot.  It is possible to be in the flow of life without knowing what the outcome will be.

You can be as present for the outcome of your efforts as you are for the journey each and every day.

And when the outcome is not what you want?  You stay stuck.  That is, until you become aware of your thinking and begin to make change.   Here’s a way to do so:

Here’s what I would like you to take away:  The journey is where it is.  Begin with the resources you have now.  Enjoy this moment for all the gifts it gives you.  Cultivate the FEELING that you want.  Enjoy the challenge on knowing “what” and letting go of the “how”.  Enjoy the wonder of being alive with an opportunity to learn and grow.  Be appreciative every second for what you have NOW.

When you catch yourself using When-then thinking, bring yourself into the present moment by saying, “All that I am and all that I need, I have within me in this moment.  I am blessed.”

I wish this for you in 2013: all the peace that is your Essential Nature.

In total love and service and with blessings from my heart to yours,







4 Responses to “My Wishes for you for 2013”

  1. Katie says:

    I love this affirmation “All that I am and all that I need, I have within me in this moment. I am blessed.”

    I wish for you to reside in the peace that is your Essential Nature in 2013 for you as well. I felt this profoundly during this morning’s savasana. How great to log on to your site and hear your creative expression of this idea in your life. I especially love the idea of looking for the feeling of relief and expansion.

    Thank you and have a Supremely joyful and a positive abundance in your life!

    xox Katie

    • Joëlle says:


      The affirmation is so incredibly true – it’s just a matter of reminding ourselves of its message. A practice? Yes. And well worth the effort.

      I wish you a joyful and prosperous new year, my love!



  2. Christina says:

    Thanks you Joelle,

    May 2013 and the experiences it holds be just awesome!


    • Joëlle says:


      Right back at you! I hope you find 2013 to be the year that brings everything full circle – with joy, prosperity and love.


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