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Life Coaching 101

For these past few months I’ve been in hibernation.  It seems I hit these spots a couple of times a year: put the breaks on my ATB (Addiction to Busyness), drop out of the limelight, go quiet, go to the library to catch up on all the reading and movies I have missed, and do my own deep work.  Coming out of this Fall of hibernation, I emerge with a more profound sense of clarity on my life mission and a stronger conviction in myself (This new website is a reflection of the shift that has happened within me).  Now, more than ever, I know I am here to serve and one of the ways in which I do that is in my life coaching practice.

A recent conversation with a friend revealed that she had no idea what a life coach was about, picturing an aggressive, loud mouthed and berating football coach yelling at her clients each time they didn’t get it right, demanding 100 more push ups… My friend was pleasantly relieved to find out that coaching was did not even come close. This made me realize that I should probably clarify what we mysterious life coaches are doing behind closed doors (or over the skype waves).

The easiest way to start is by describing what I’m not.

1. NOT the boss of you. I’m not going to stand over you not trusting that you are not capable enough to do the job. I don’t care what you do. I DO care about how you feel about what you do, what your thoughts are about what you do, why you do, or don’t do your thing and help you find your way to your desire.

2. NOT Dear Abby. I will never give you advice. I won’t tell you what is right for you. I trust that you, and only you know what’s best. I WILL help you figure it out for yourself, in ways you never thought of before.

3. NOT Sigmund Freud.  Although your past is important and explains how you got to where you are, I am not interested in hearing how your mother swung the cat by the tail and threw it outside (true story). I AM immensely interested in what you feel and think right NOW and how to get you feeling better in the now, which will make all the difference in your future.

4. NOT Ghandi. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have all the answers.  What I can do is offer you proven ways to get you to a better feeling place which will allow you to clear the space enough to see possibilities and act upon them. You are the ultimate guru in your life, with all you need right now. Discovering that in a coaching session is the real magic.

5. NOT Judge Judy. Again, I don’t care what you DO.  Your best work is done when dancing with your shadow self (gotta love dirty dancing), confronting your should’s, your ought’s and your musts, and challenging their validity. We all have enough judgement in our lives, starting with our self-judgement.  You don’t need an extra dollop from me.

I DO offer support, a mirror, compassion, space, non-judgement, truthfulness, accountability and a sacred place for you to land your desires and dreams.  I partner with you to unleash your greatest passions into the world so that you may live your right life.

This is no small feat.

Having someone partner with you as you ignite your courage to change, even in just a small measure, can be very powerful.  A Life Coach is just that: one who will help you find all the right stones within you to create the perfect cairn of your life – you get to stack them, balance, rework, start over, choose others any way you want until you get the results you are after.  The secret is to keep an open mind- the outcomes are much more amazing than you could ever believe…

Contact me if you are ready to take the next step.



2 Responses to “Life Coaching 101”

  1. Lauren G says:

    Joelle is an amazing life coach. I took a class with her and she was very patient, kind and loving. She helped me to break a cycle of being broke and never having enough.

    I’ve since then been minimizing my life and minimizing my needs. You’d think that I was learning to just do without. But actually my income has been steadily growing as I have simplified my life. “Need less, make more.” – I heard that quote in a movie.

    I got my start in Joelle’s old class Overcoming Underearning. I’m so glad to have met her and been able to work with her. It has been a blast!

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