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Lessons From A Crabapple


Last year, the crabapple tree that sits in front of my house went into abundance overdrive with an amazing amount of fruit. At first my family and I delighted in the beauty of these Christmas-like ornaments. We felt differently in the fall. Daily, I avoided stepping on the profusion of ornamental land mines, only to find squashed little pieces throughout the house brought in by my family, my pets, and me. As I picked up, mopped, raked, swept, and bagged the teeny red buggers, I cursed their proliferation and dreamt of a tree that would have more consideration of my need for cleanliness and time. The thing is, this crabapple could care less about my needs and, unlike me, would not pinch itself off from its natural state of life — which is abundance. How is it that we, as humans, stop being a part of this natural flow? And how can we change our limiting beliefs, so that we recognize that abundance is our natural state of life?


Know Thyself.

It begins with self-knowledge. This is the key to success, happiness, and fulfillment in life. Taking the time to cultivate a relationship with oneself takes time. It is not a one-shot deal and you’re done — it is a lifelong process of peeling back the layers to uncover your true essence. This process is not for the faint of heart. For the purposes of shifting your thinking regarding prosperity, this is essential. You have to get clear on what you want, on your purpose in life, on your passion. How are you going to fan its flame?


Just like my tree — which is clearly not concerned about “lack,” knows with certainty that the apples always come, and chooses not to hang on to them for fear of running out — when you decide to come together with others with the intention of giving, whether it’s your time, your support, or your compassion, everyone receives something in return. All successful people understand the value of long-term relationships, as well as the need to continue to give more than is expected. In the world of abundance, there is always enough.


Your dreams are your “WHY.” They are the reason that you do what you do. Do you know yours? If they are small, they will manifest in small ways. If they are big, then you are thinking like my crabapple, and big things will come to you. The clearer you are about your dreams, the faster you will find them showing up in your life. And key to this is letting go of needing to know how they are going to come about. Just hold the vision. Allow in the element of surprise.

Create community.

Prosperity is not a solo event. It takes community and teams of like-minded people who will lift and support you on your journey. Listen, there will always be naysayers around to test your resolve. Stay true to your dream, and find others who will cheer you on and balance your areas of weakness with their strengths. Together you can create miracles!

Find mentors.

These are people who are already on their way to prosperity thinking. They can show you the way, help you avoid pitfalls, give you the perspective you need to keep going when everything seems to be falling apart. They can be a teacher, a trainer, an event, or a friend. In all cases, they are a source of knowledge, learning, new understanding, and growth.


So, are you holding on to your apples for fear of running out? Can you let go of your grip and allow abundance to flow through you? Can you trust that you are capable of figuring things out as you go? Enjoy your family and friends, be rested, fresh and fully conscious, do good in the world, and you use your time as you choose rather than as others dictate. It is your birthright to enjoy prosperity in your life. This wealth is not limited by anything except your own creativity. And, because there is no limit to creativity, ultimately there must be no limit to the ability to create abundance. My crabapple has no limiting beliefs. Do you?




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