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10393736_10152707843146088_6204101391402031551_nJoelle’s warm, compassionate and open presence allowed me to easily open up. She was sensitive, loving and gentle in all the ways one would hope in working with a coach on a topic that can feel very sensitive and delicate. She was very grounded and thoughtful in how she asked her questions and communicated her advice. Joelle helped me see that I was much more ready than I initially thought. Working with her is a beautiful and long lasting gift that you can give yourself. ” ~Ninna Amora | Sensual Intuitive | New York, NY

Paradigm shift today. Huge. I had a coaching session with Joelle yesterday that has changed my life. My mornings getting the 4 kids out the door for school is typically very stressful. Me nagging, frustrated, usually yelling. All of us start our day stressed and tightly wound.  

11150335_10153255234128921_4114429321137702398_nTODAY: we had clear, concrete expectations. Each of them got showered, dressed, made their own breakfast, made their beds, fed the dogs and fish, cleaned up after breakfast, and we’re out the door 30 minutes early, laughing and playing. Without a single reminder from  me!! I can not tell you how different this is for us. I am so thankful for the amazing session with Joelle yesterday and how she has helped me find a much happier place.” ~ Lauren Colliver | Photographer | Blacksburg, Virginia



“I just completed a wonderful 12 session coaching program with Joelle Lydon.

During this process, I understood my fears, developed my mission, and tangible steps to get me there. I also got to sense in my body how fabulous my future will be. My dreams now feel totally achievable.

And she does all this with humor, grace and intelligence. I am now going to be her cheerleader—GO JOELLE!!” ~ Clare Monteau| Executive Coach


“Working with Joelle was such a good experience.  She gave me a safe place to clear out a lot of “junk”, helping me discover the source of my stuckness, 1441305_1449724905298983_3381247537695979307_noverwhelm and exhaustion, even though it wasn’t at all what (or even in the area of my life) I thought it would be.  Joelle helped me create a good action plan to begin to move me forward, even breaking it down into a totally manageable, step-by-step process.  Joelle really made me feel supported in a way that worked for ME and the unique woman that I am – invaluable!  Thank you Joelle!!!” Christine Coffee | Artist | Pittsburg, Pennsylvania


“Thank you, Joelle! I’m very grateful for my new awareness of my place in this world.

I feel secure in the tools I learned from you to manage my dreams and doubts. I am living now in a new normal way with confidence and a satisfaction with my path.”  ~ Diane Nickerson | Founder and Director Castle Island Bilingual Montessori, Albany, NY



“Joelle’s Dare to Love Greatly course came at the ideal time for me. (As Joelle always says, we have perfect and elegant timing.)

I had been doing a lot of growth work and was starting to come in to my own. Joelle and the women in my workshop got me to a place of self-acceptance and authenticity that allows me to, first and foremost, be in love with myself—after years of convincing myself I was “damaged goods.”

And about two weeks in to the course, I met a man who is sweet and smart and chivalrous and sexy as hell. I don’t think I would have been ready to meet him a month before we did. With my growing confidence and Joelle’s guidance I was able to approach my burgeoning relationship with this man from an honest and open and vulnerable place. I let him earn the right to hear my story, and I earned his trust to hear his.

We’ve now been together nine months and are continuing to evolve together and as individuals. We love each other very much without condition. We’re planning to move in together in the spring.

For the first time in my life, I’m not afraid of being abandoned or feeling the urge to running away to avoid getting hurt. I’m at a place where I would be very upset in the event that the relationship ended, and mourn the loss, still I would not be destroyed or devastated the way I have been in the past because I’m invested deeply in me, in great part because of Joelle’s teachings and example.” ~ Su Ciampa| Writer |Saratoga Springs, NY


“Dear Joelle- I wanted to thank you for what you taught me last winter.  I had heard about your class from a friend. At that time,  I was not feeling very confident with myself and having had bad luck in past relationships, so I decided I would participate in this class.

I wanted to build my confidence and learn ways to have better, more fulfilling, happier and healthier relationships. I learned many great things during this group about loving myself and being more mindful and confident.

Embracing what I learned from the class allowed me to be more authentic and to meet the man of my dreams before the class was even over.

We are currently engaged and planning our future together.

This class was the catalyst to learn to love myself, build my confidence and help me to be where I am at now. I use the tools I learned all the time. One of my favorite tools….which my fiancé and I do with each other on a regular basis, allows us to mirror back to each other the time we spend together. I have also learned the importance of expressing my desires to my fiancé. This helps create a better balance in our relationship.

 Another tool I learned I use on a regular basis with my friends.  It helps me let go of anything that I may be overwhelmed with.

So do I think that the class and the techniques work if you use them? I would say yes……my proof would be that I am getting married to the most wonderful man and we are building a beautiful future together.

I am the happiest and the most at peace I have ever been.

I would encourage every woman who may be feeling unsuccessful in their relationships to take part in Joelle’s class. It made a huge difference in my life. Thank You Joelle! ~ Kelly| LCSW


“Experiencing life coaching with Joelle was one of the best things I could have attracted into my life. Joelle helped me to explore my belief system in an entirely new way, which has allowed me to more forward to a new level of conscious living.

I realized how valuable my own instincts are to living the life I know I am meant to live and Joelle was there to guide me through the process every step of the way.

Joelle has that rare ability to know when to give you that needed push and yet allow you to feel safe stepping out of your comfort zone. My life has been immeasurably changed because of this experience, thank you Joelle!!”  – Leticia Valverde-Woodward| LCSW | Albany



“Joelle went far above and beyond my expectations as a coach. She helped me see things in a new light and really changed my perspective about several of the things I worked on during our twelve weeks of sessions. She asked wonderful questions, really honored the coaching process and the energy on the calls, and was very positive (but still not afraid of heavy issues).

I felt like she was completely present and invested in our sessions, and that allowed me to feel safe and really make some astonishing discoveries that I wouldn’t have expected to make. I really felt like I had a lot of breakthroughs during this coaching relationship. While I started out wanting to focus on growing my business, I took a bit of a detour and started really focusing on self-care, and the pursuit of pleasure in particular.

Joelle was completely game to shift focus for a couple of weeks when I needed to attend to my emotional and spiritual health, and I’m honestly feeling happier and more content than I’ve ever felt, largely due to the support she provided as I explored my needs.” ~ Kylie Bellard| Empowerment Coach | Brooklyn


“I found Joëlle to be an intuitive and naturally gifted coach. She is a deep listener and creative problem-solver as well.

580414_516765125025536_2103615113_nOver the course of our time together, she provided me with the support and structure I needed to begin working on my future goals of being a facilitator of support groups, using my own personal gifts and talents.

In every session there was movement towards a deeper understanding of what my uniqueness is, and what is preventing me from accessing my own strengths.

Joëlle, with her own toolbox of suggestions and assignments, helped me to clear out the clutter, to set workable short-term goals, and to acknowledge my own struggles and progress, all the while being a sounding board and an enthusiastic coach…

In a relatively short time-period, I found someone just for me to help me along my personal path of inner-growth. I found the guidance necessary for real change.”~ Susan Riback |Author, Shaking the Sand Out: Poems of Motherhood


 “Joelle Lydon helped me to move forward in my life; exploring emotions driving my limiting beliefs and upgrading my personal priorities. I required extra-ordinary flexibility 432082_3517428742187_1189272694_nand trust during the process.

Joelle rose to the occasion and higher, offering all the traditional life coaching questions at the right time and helping me release distractions and old habits.

During the period I spent working with Joelle, I took bold action toward resolving health issues. I also changed how I manage my time and created more time for myself by making routine endeavors systematically more efficient. I committed to putting myself first during the period of time I worked with Joelle. It was Joelle who helped me discover exactly what that meant for me. ~Kathleen O’Bryan | Yoga Teacher



  “During the coaching experience, Joëlle demonstrated an ability to truly “get me”. She established a safe and secure space during each session. I always felt able to to be myself and say what I felt without worrying about being judged.

I wanted to work on finances with her, and she proved to be more than capable in her coaching techniques. My goal when working with Joëlle was to have support on my journey. I wanted to have someone ask me the powerful questions and listen to me. She did this and so much more!

As an emerging coach I learned a lot from working with Joëlle, not the least was to always be myself in my coaching practice. At the end of the coaching relationship I felt that my perspective towards money had definitely changed. I was able to use the tools and exercises that she suggested and have been able to use them with my own clients.

Joëlle is an intuitive and astute coach who has supported me immeasurably on my personal journey and I truly value this experience.” ~Tonya Pomerantz| Life Coach| Ottawa, Canada


“I can’t believe how quickly things changed. It took just six short weeks from when our class 1929183_1038868974110_7509128_nended for me to land my dream job. I am making more money, doing what I love and helping other people.

I am so grateful for your class. It has been the best investment I ever made in myself. You have made a diffence in my life. I feel like a completely different person. Things are working in all areas of my life. Thank you!!!” ~ Denise McNab | personal trainer | Pennsylvania



“I am more aware of my resistance and the most exciting aspect is….facing my fears. I don’t feel stuck anymore…I see more and more options in my life and I have hope again….I feel more creative and inspired to get things started or finish up projects I have started in the past…for example, update my website and market my matting and framing business, which helps my photography business. Thank you so much Joelle…I keep setting intentions…facing my fears…and stretching outside my comfort zone. It is exciting to be alive!!! In joy and love,” ~Saundra Roberts


“One of the greatest highlights in working with Joelle has been having a safe place to step out and test life, a sounding board that reflected my desires in life. This manifested from Joelle’s acceptance of what I previously thought was “bad” about me. I know she has a personal interest in seeing me, or any coachee, reach her/his goals and grow. She has a way of checking in with herself to make sure her feedback is for my personal benefit rather than hers and keeps the focus on the coachee. Finally, and I find most amazing, every time I have brought up an issue or said something I felt I needed to she has held my trust with her and even strengthened it. That has been paramount in working with Joelle. I have found that I have been able to trust her no matter the issue. She has been honest, professional, and trustworthy. For anyone seeking a life coach, I would wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend her.”~ Stephanie
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