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Joelle Lydon

Joëlle Lydon, MA, CPC

Who is the Relationship Alchemistress?

My name is Joëlle Lydon, M.A., C.P.C.

I am Truth Seeker, able to alchemize crossroads into a kind of holy trinity for the type of Sacred Relationship you seek – three things for it to do its most holy task:

Approval. Appreciation. Authenticity.

I am a Lover of knowledge, Unapologetic, and Purposeful in my living. I am Mother.

I am Muse to my Man.

I have very little interest in swimming in the shallow end of life. Nor do I prescribe. I am unconventional, intuitive and honest – no quick fix, no one size fits all, no lies.

I am an explorer who will partner and stay the course with you until you feel complete.

I am inspirational, motivating, creative and a builder of momentum. I believe in the magic of the sexy. the pleasurable and the soulful.

And I passionately advocate second runs at life.

Why I Made Coaching My Life’s Work

Joëlle Lydon - Photo by Deborah Neary

Living in fear of being abandoned.  Walking away from an abusive marriage.  Divorce.  Crying on the kitchen floor in the arms of single motherhood. Losing myself in dark nights and giving up on life.  Finding myself in bed with a shaky, new beginning. Living an examined life in search of meaning. Reeling from the loss of love that stays for the birth of intimacy and the loss of love that barely rustles the sheets.  Living on everything from love crumbs doled out sporadically to reconstructing my life from the love I have for myself…

…to deliberately co-creating the love I sought all along with my own man.

It’s been a life project to understand what it really means to let go, and to have the courage to bless and release in order to live a life that is sourced by my greatest passions.

My Style

Photo by Linday Rae

Photo by Linday Rae

I believe firmly, teach enthusiastically, and live passionately. 

I will help you set out into your new life equipped with skills that will enable you to show up in your relationships (of all kinds), career,  and accomplishments honestly and in line with your values and beliefs. Never again will you find yourself disempowered,  dismissed, irrelevant, invisible, hollow and fallen apart.

I aspire to help women grow into strong, clear, authentic beings with capacity for living life wholeheartedly, unapologetically, and with great capacity for true closeness and connection (and with passion – don’t you worry it’s still in you!).

I fully embrace my womanhood without howling at the moon (ok, maybe on occasion), the only brew I make is a cup of PG Tips tea with milk and I believe in miracles – you know, those found in moments of grace, strange synchronicities, and desire lists….



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