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How to flick off the fear switch

“A thousand locks won’t keep you safe if you let the boogeyman make your bed.” Begging for Change by Sharon Flake

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This week I went into full overwhelm.  I felt as thought I had lost control over the state of my basement and of my office.  Both of which were in a complete state of disaster.

It wasn’t that they were just untidy.  It was that each and every time I went into them, I felt this sense of dread – as if the clutter was sucking away at my life force and I could do nothing to get started making change around it.

Time to call in this week’s tool.  Click below to hear how I managed to spend 6 hours clearing, throwing out, recycling and generally getting down to the business of straightening the rooms that, for months had caused me “agita.”

Just remember that gratitude and fear cannot co-exist at the very same time.  So use this practice to switch your fear “off” in order to get to the business of living your life from an empowered and inspired place.

Let me hear from you!  I would love you to share your 100 gratitudes below and how this practice has shifted things for you.  Know that your wisdom and experience benefits us all!

And, of course, if you are liking this content, share it with your community.  Let’s spread the word.

In love, service and pleasure,

Joelle Lydon

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