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Harnessing the Power of Community

“Community equals immunity” Dr. Christiane Northrup

community_pic1I just spent the most spectacular week-end in NYC at my second Mastery graduation from the School of Womanly Arts.  In fact, I am still here – I could not pull myself away from this community quite so yet to my little home in upstate New York.  Doing so felt too jarring, too abrupt to my system who has grown accustomed to being around this amazing group of 250 + women.  In leaving too soon it felt as if I would deprive myself of the nourishment one only gets when being fed by the love, the energy and the support of like-minded women.  They are the reason I can do what I do.

This is the power of community.

It allows you to ignite your courage to change, to climb the mountains you thought to be too tall, to risk it all on a hunch, to dive deep into your life knowing you’ll be held in its arms.

For women, community is everything.  I mean EVERYTHING.

Yet when you are in a pinch, feeling less than, struggling at your JOB, fearful of your last child going away to college, panicking over an entire summer with your little one, contemplating leaving your marriage – do you seek your community out?

Most women will tend to go it alone – as if the Hero’s journey, a masculine model, is one meant to be the roadmap by which they lead their lives.  This is the greatest untruth you could every buy into.

I say this from experience, having been a lone wolf the majority of my life.  Taking the hero’s journey, staying silent, solitary and secretive gives our doubts, our fears and our shame fertile soil to fester and grow, to keep us stuck in the jobs, the marriages, the life we think we deserve.

This is the farthest thing from what we need.  In going it alone, we chose to dim our light, we chose to give in to a life unexamined, we chose to stay stuck.

You see where I’m going? Our M.O. as women has been to isolate in our struggles when truly, what would most serve us, would be most fulfilling, would most allow ourselves to lead our lives fueled by our own Source, would be to remain connected to our communities.

I invite you to notice, when you are struggling with life, to notice your tendency: do you tend to connect or to isolate?

If it is the latter, I invite to do what seems antithetical to your own conditioning: seek women you trust out.  Share your journey, your pain, your joy.  Be transparent in your life.  Bring your silence, your solitude, your secrecy to their light – this is the way of woman: community.  When we tap into this greatest resource, anything is possible.

Seeking a community?  Join me this week.  Click here to get tapped in, tuned in and turned on to your life.

Stay inspired,

Joelle Lydon


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