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Greeting the Ambrosial Day…

Before you get side swiped by the events of the day, take time to get grounded. This may mean getting up a half an hour earlier than your normal wake up time. Rise in the ambrosial hours of the morning, clear your mind (journal, meditate, dance), get empty, set your intentions, sense yourself present and open to their unfolding – then, and only then, go serve for the rest of the day.

We’re the only animals that like to sleep through sunrise – when the greatest energy is when night turns into day. 4am is when, most often women will begin their cycle – and at about which time I begin to hear the first birds. So, I know, it might be a bit early for you. Committing to yourself when you can create your day uninterrupted is when you hold the most power to manifest what you wish. What do you desire? More joy, harmonious interactions during the day, completing the nitty gritty efficiently so you can enjoy being alive, reclaiming your health, feeling sexier?

This work happens in the wee hours – I love this time. It’s mine and I share it with no one else. I am selfish and protective of it – knowing that my well-being depends upon it. Time is not out there, something you cannot control. Time is inside you – claim it. Make it yours and do with it what brings you most pleasure and joy. You won’t regret it. Your day will be different as a result of the commitment you’ve made to yourself. It’s a small gift in the grand scheme of things, and so powerful. It will keep you young and self-loving. Try it. Your life might change as a result….

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