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A Fortnight of Desire

Have you forgotten what you desire?

No matter what your circumstances, whether you have the relationship or not, whether you have the job or not, whether you have the money or not, the cure for it all is taking a nose-dive into your Desires.

And I want to play with you, so you can get your just desserts…

In a BIG way.

I’d like to invite you to A Fortnight of Desire.

I want to celebrate your desires.

This celebration will take the form of a daily e-course, entitled (as you’ve probably guessed by now) A Fortnight of Desire.

By honoring ourselves for just 14 days, we can experience a fun, big expansion in what is possible for us in this lifetime.  Whether you are struggling with your work, money, or relationships, this e-course will, in a practical way, give you a boost   There will be daily assignments, and you are encouraged to report your successes and reflections to the group. This class runs from March 17th- March 31st, 2015. There will be a recorded Opening Call on March 31st and a recorded Closing Call April 14th at 9pm EST.

March 31st-April 14th, 2015

HOW IT WORKS: The Game is played using the smartphone app GroupMe. You must be able AND WILLING to use GroupMe and to enjoy the game.


What is this?


A Fortnight of Desire is  of desire notes, delivered to your inbox each day, from August 26th to September 15th.

Each desire note will challenge you to: uncover your desires, tap into the delicious feeling of expanding your ability to have, take small action steps to make your desires take form, work off your Flabby Ask and practice your UNABASHED ASK, listen to interviews that will expand your capacity to see what’s possible, and be guided by your Inner  Kindergartener.


A Community of Dreamers:


A big portion of the 21-Days of Desire Creation is the community we build.  This is the place where we, in the sanctity of the container we create together, land our deepest yearnings and biggest desires. It is the part of this experiment I am most excited about.  I’ve created a secret Facebook group that you are invited to join, and every day, we’ll gather there to share our hearts, discuss our aha’s, ask questions, and inspire each other to dream deeper and higher than we ever thought possible.


How you can be a part of this:


The only thing I ask of you is a high degree of engagement, sensitivity, respect and encouragement. Here are some ways in which you can do this (if you so desire)

  • You can take on each and every task on daily.
  • You could choose to do just the desire notes that turn you on.
  • You could keep track of your desire creation progress through tweets (hashtag #desirecreation), in a journal, or by sharing your journey in the Facebook group.
  • You could invite all your friends to join you and gather with them to share your experiences.
  • You could invite a far-away family member to participate, and share your experiences by phone or email.

The options are endless, and I hope you’ll find a way to be a part of this that feels like a lot of fun to you.


By the way:


The desire notes are short.  They require little time.  But they, done consistently, will create lasting change.


What do you say? Are you ready to Create?


Enter your email address below to start Creating Your Desires. Then, join the Facebook party by hopping over here and requesting to be added. This is going to be a great Desire Making Party!


Join the Desire Creation train…


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