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From Donatella Versace to Dansko

You are successful.  The slate blue C70 Volvo convertible in your driveway proves that you’ve “arrived.”

You believe that working hard pays off, that you deserve the best, that family and friends come first and that time is money.

You have no qualms spending big bucks: from appliances to therapists – knowing that quality is the way to go.

Your coffee table is piled high with copies of Cooking Light, Shape Magazine, Vogue and Inc. (mind you, you haven’t had a chance to read them, yet.)

You have a closet created specifically for your designer pumps.

And yet….

You feel like you are wasting your time in your chosen profession.  Although you are brilliant at what you do, you are afraid to let it go. Thoughts of doing something else, something you are not clear on, something that, presently, has no form, sends your itty bitty sh*tty  committee singing a dire dirge predicting your trip to Sears for the biggest refrigerator box there so that you may move into it under a bridge and eat out of dumpsters.

You are confused.

You feel like a fraud.

You can’t shake this feeling.

You know this is not the life you were born to live out.  You know this is not the career your heart longs for.

You were aware of this life as a child when you used to hang in the kitchen while your Nana cooked.  Not only did you love being with her, but you loved the colors, the textures, the scent and sound of sizzling onions, the warmth of the room, and the love that went into each and every dish she made.  You loved feeling special – Nana’s little helper – in a place where time flew by.

You wish you could live your life that way…each and every day.

But you’re too old.  You don’t have the credentials.  You could possibly ever make money doing something you love, you think.

These thoughts are your Achilles Heel….

Which brings us to the question, “Can you really make a living doing what you love?”

Yes, you can.

One day at a time, you can begin to take steps toward it.

It may begin with inviting your peeps over for a meal,

followed by cooking classes at home with your friends,

Leading you to teach a continuing ed. class at a local school,

an article in the paper about your delicious, healthy meals,

and an opportunity to open a restaurant…

Before you know it, you’ve traded your Donatella pumps for Danskos.

Your heart is full.  You feel your Nana with you.

And your shoes become a metaphor for your new life: supportive, roomy, comfortable, long lasting, reliable and able to withstand all forms of spillage.

So, fear not my fierce one.  No need to quit your current career in order to do what you love.  Start doing what you love, now.

Slowly, you’ll eek out what doesn’t feed you and replace it with what does so you may be, finally,  happy, fulfilled and at home in your own life.


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