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Feel Happy of Yourself

Sometimes the best advice comes from the little ones.

If your are beginning to practice something you dream of, but are uncertain of achieving it; if you are trying something new, and keep making mistakes; if you are afraid and feeling hesitant… believe in yourself.  I do.

This week’s worksheet is called Receiving The Help You Need.   It’ll help you identify the kind of help you need to achieve your dreams.   Download it here.

There’s nothing more for me to add here, so watch the video below.  It plasters a huge smile on my face each time I see it!

And of course, share below!  Your stories help us all find the inspiration we need to move closer to our own dreams – it is in creating a supportive and loving community (even a virtual) that we find our courage to change.  So, share!


Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll!





6 Responses to “Feel Happy of Yourself”

  1. “Thumbs UP everybody, for rock n roll!!!!” Thank you for a Monday smile!!! Know that you are worthy!!!

  2. Buffy says:

    LOVE it Joelle! Since I am deeply in love with the two wheeles of wonder, I would have to say my favorite quote was

    “If you believe in yourself, you will ride a bike! If you don’t just keep trying!”


    • Joëlle says:

      So glad you enjoyed. Time to enjoy a two-wheeler of your own? Sunny weather is sure to come our way!

  3. Lauren G says:

    Thanks for the worksheet. I’ll be writing down many situations where I received help. That’s going to be a good exercise. This video is excellent! Kids are full of so much wisdom. 🙂

    • Joëlle says:

      My pleasure, Sistah! There’s tons more where that came from – I’ll be posting worksheets in future blogs for your using pleasure.

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