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Fear is the #1 Killer of Passion….

“If, in the many facets of life at which we are destined to be average, we come up a little short, so what?  But is we fail at the thing by which we define ourselves and at which we hope to prove special, That’s Serious.” ~ Peter Buffett, author of Life is What We Make of It

woman_screamingYou might think that the number one reason why women cannot follow their passions is MONEY.  Sure, it takes time to find a way to secure a paycheck doing what you love.  But that’s NOT the #1 reason.  There is another, deeper, more insidious one: one that many are ashamed to admit…

FEAR of Failure.

It’s not such a big deal to fail when you don’t achieve a goal you’re not really emotionally attached to.

But when your Heart and your Soul are at stake, fear of failing feels SO huge – as if your entire life depended upon it, as if you would self combust if you had the AUDACITY to live your life guided by what makes your eyes light up with JOY.

When the Fear at the prospect of failing at what you are passionate about rears its ugly head, it hits your hopes,  it hits your identity,  it hits your desires in a lethal spot.

At least that’s what most think.

So, you play it safe.  You get through.  You lead a mediocre life because the fear, the potential for failure, is just not acceptable at on a Passion Level.  The Fear feels like it could kill your last hope.  And then what?

The truth is that it has NEVER happened in the history of success that the fear of failure ENDED the game.

The game ended when you gave into the fear.

How is it that those who have found success did so?  How is it that YOU can “overcome” the fear, pursue your passions and create your life’s work?

The Only Way Out is Through….

Because “running away” from fear is a typical reaction which is probably not working for you at this point, you need tools, skills, support to help you feel the fear while still being able to take empowered action toward your purpose in life.

Passion and Purpose – it’s what holds you tight and strong.  It’s the reason why you’ve been down this path in the first place.  And, as long as the reason that touches your heart and spirit still exists, then you can learn what it takes to get past your fear of following your passions.

Your life’s purpose shore up your self-esteem and confidence in a way that even fear cannot knock down.

With the right tools and clear purpose you can achieve anything.

Remember, fear of failure has never been a game ender for any successful Wayshower.  If you are clear, you have the tools and the support to help you through, then you can feel safe, strong and resilient against the killer hit of fear.

If you feel you lack the tools, join us this Thursday for my 5-week tele-seminar – From Fearful to Fierce: Follow Your Passion and Create Your Life’s Work.  

You will learn to:

  • RECOGNIZE the fear that keeps you stuck from having the fulfilling work you seek

  • CHANGE negative self-talk into your SUPERPOWER

  • BUILD confidence so you can see opportunities

  • TAKE EMPOWERED ACTION toward your goals


With the support of a like-minded community, you can do just about anything.  Join me now.  You can thank me later!


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