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The 90-day Fear and Anxiety BEGONE! (FAB)

Group Coaching Program

Tyra Banks - Fearlessness

Tyra Banks – Fearlessness

This ninety-day (3 month) program includes two group coaching sessions per month (by phone), the FABLife Manual, and structured exercises to apply to your life. Course participants also receive thirty-six FAB tips delivered to their email box, three times a week, as well as a toolbox of resources in the program workbook. You will also meet monthly for an individual monthly coaching session with Coach extraordinaire, Joëlle Lydon.Benefit from the momentum and accountability created in a group environment, and join other women for this intensive BUST through your Fears development program.

 Calls are recorded if you cannot make one.

Throughout this program you will:

  • Create Your Life RoadMap: Develop or refine your desires and life vision

  • Explore your unique strengths and abilities

  • Identify the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself and your life

  • Identify your crossroads situation

  • Identify your greatest fears, how they show up and how they hold you back from creating the life you SO DESERVE!

  • Identify what makes you unique and how this sets you apart from others in the “Matrix”

  • Be part of a community of like-minded women who can support you in your process

  • Dig deep into your fear so that you can begin to use them as your SUPERPOWER

  • Identify opportunities, people and resources that are available to you so that you can

  • Take EMPOWERED ACTION toward you desires

The focus in the 90 Day Fear and Anxiety BEGONE! (FAB) program is on using the community as a resource and a place to explore while taking new, empowered action and having the accountability of a SisterMind (rather than Mastermind) group.

The program includes

  • 6 one-hour interactive group coaching calls held by phone ($450 Value);

  • The FABLife Manual (delivered in bi-weekly modules) ($150 Value);

  • Structured exercises to immediately apply program concepts to the most fear-producing areas of your life;

  • 36 FAB tips delivered to your in-box, three times a week during the 90 day program (priceless);

  • A 30 minute individual coaching session with Joëlle (a $125 Value);

  • A group follow up call one month after the main series of calls to check in on your progress and momentum ($125 Value).

  • 3 Guest speakers (priceless)

Fear and Anxiety BEGONE! (FAB)

  • Price: $297.00 Quantity:

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