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Do you Have It ALL?

What does having it all mean?  Is it possible to have it?

If not, which parts of your life do you have to cut out?

Does the thought bring up fear BIG TIME?

What if you miss out on something important?

And if you miss out, won’t you feel guilty?

And if you feel guilty, won’t you pinch off your life purpose?

Can you keep all the balls up in the air, dropping nary a one while still looking damn sexy?

Remember the 70’s Enjoli Perfume commercial?  “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let you forget your a man … ‘Cause I’m a woman – Enjoli.”  Quite frankly, I felt it did us a disservice… Messages like those put pressure on us to be expert jugglers – keeping all parts of our lives up in the air at the same time – throwing and getting rid of each aspect as quickly as possible, barely allowing contact with it before needing to toss it into the ethers.

Juggling keeps everything at bay, keeps us separate from our true essence, keeps us away from our purpose – so busy are we concentrating on preparing for the next thing to throw.  I’m SO guilty of doing this….

Having it all doesn’t mean having EVERYTHING, ALL AT ONCE, ALL THE TIME…

The secret of a strong life (and to be honest, I’m working on this one diligently…) is in knowing how to draw those aspects we wish to attract and bring closer to ourselves in our life.  It means being selective, intentional, attractive, energized by the catching, feeling the pull of their weight, following where they lead.

Having it All means, drawing enough strength from life to feel fullfilled, loved, successful, in control, and yearning for more.  It is something that we aim for and we can attain.

Having it all means that:

– you take yourself and your well-being seriously

– you know yourself well enough to have clarity of purpose in your life.

– you know what needs to change when you’ve lost your sense of purpose.

– you have faith in believing that change is possible AND

– you have the courage to make those changes.

– you draw strength from the relationships in your life AND, when there is no strength to be drawn,

– you know when to cut those relationships short.

– you have developed the skill of using life to FILL YOU UP.

What commitments are you making to yourself to Have It All?  Me?  To S-L-O-W way down and allow the divine to do what She knows best: support me in my journey.

2 Responses to “Do you Have It ALL?”

  1. Jane Wang says:

    The great minds of the woman’s world must all be aligned this week! This Atlantic article on “why women still can’t have it all” has been going viral in my girlfriend circles this week:

    I don’t agree with everything this article says (and it’s a long one), but I do appreciate the admission that the post-feminist revolution mandate to go and have it all has probably made women less happy overall. Now we have to be even more perfect, not just in the home, but in our careers too! Finally as women we are accepting that it’s impossible to “have it all” precisely because we don’t have ALL the time and ALL the resources in the world – we simply have to choose our priorities and accept the trade-offs. The priorities you listed above — I’m totally with you on them. If we have these, indeed we already have it all.

    Thank you, Joelle, for saying what needs to be said, what needs to be heard.

  2. Hey there! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this site? I’m getting sick and tired of WordPress because I’ve had problems with hackers and I’m looking at alternatives for another platform. I would be great if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

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