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Desperately Seeking Clients

I can so relate to the desperation piece. How do I, little old me, get clients? What brings value to what I have to offer as opposed to what another coach might? I anchored this thought in “Relax, Listen and Engage”, trust myself and create trusting relationships.

My coaching experiences:
The first time I came across a Life Coach was through a Teacher Center course over 10 years ago. I had never heard of such a thing and although, I do not remember the woman’s name, I know that in her, I saw a reflection of myself – perhaps a glimpse of a calling.

Years later, I sought out a coach to get clarity on the direction of my career. The idea of a coach had been planted and it was Merci Miglino whom I sought out. Frankly, I don’t even know how I found her… I had/have been an educator for many years and really was not entirely certain it was what I wanted to do with my life. Divorce, single parenting, and limiting beliefs kept me in it, however…. Upon reflection, I was looking for a solution with Merci I was not yet ready to fully embrace. Having said that, I LOVED being coached – it felt great. There was no “agenda” except that of my own determining. I loved that Merci’s entire focus was on my goals – and the accountability factor (I am a procrastinator supreme- Diva or Resistance). I recognize now that it is because of these two experiences that I landed at ICA. I hadn’t a clue, while courting different coaching academies, that ICA was, in actuality, where Merci had been an alumni. Funny how life works out…

Tangible Outcomes:

I have spent years dancing around this calling: knowing that my heart was intent upon serving others, to help others find and shine their own light upon the world as I did the same. The road has been a circuitous one for me: beginning with a commitment to myself with The Nia Technique; certification in Expressive Arts; development, production, and facilitation of seminars and workshops for an array of populations (on topics from Education, to Brain Gym, to personal growth and development); graduating from the School for Womanly Arts and now to ICA. All of the skills I have acquired through the years, outside of “education” as well as within education have readied me for ICA and to, finally, act upon that which, many years back with Merci, I desired but lacked the courage to do.

What do I have to offer?

I coach my heart first. I recognize that I have a talent with facilitation – especially when it comes emotions and resistance. Having done a great deal of work myself in this arena. I have a drive to help others cultivate their potential from the inside out – whether it be in life, wellness, transitions, career, spirituality or goal setting. I help bridge the gap between where you are and where your best self desires to be.

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