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Dating your Money


How much time and effort do you put into preparing for a date?  You chose the right dress, you primp, you accessorize, you make a commitment to being the best you you can be.  You are attractive, you appear confident, you appreciate your date, you toss your hair, laugh out loud, enjoy yourself.

How can we translate that into our relationship with money?  What if you “dated” your money?  What if you set the intentions:

  • to have a great time with it, both earning and spending it?
  • to build your confidence around it so that you knew your worth?
  • to be so attractive, money and opportunities would rush into your life?
  • to appreciate and love what you have coming and going out?
  • to say yes to all opportunities and to take actions around them?
  • to trust that more and better is coming?

Sometimes we decide to retrace our steps right before we’ve met our goals.  In fact, if we had stuck with a certain decision or action with faith, we would have received our intended desires.  How often have you written a date off before fully giving them a chance to show their true colors to you?

I’ve recorded 5 steps can you take to date your money – change your relationship with it so that you may step into the greatness of your life.


It is my desire to stand for yours.

Next Overcoming Underearning® class begins September 7th.  Aren’t you ready to “date” your money?



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  1. Mmmm… I've never thought of calling it dating my money? Hmmmmm…..

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