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How to know if your are in charge on your date

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 7.29.35 PMYou’ve had several conversations on the phone that have gone really well.

He asks you out on a date.

You say “yes” ***heart flutter***

You buy a whole new outfit for the occasion.

He takes you to a lovely restaurant.

I mean, things are going really well.  Conversation is flowing.  When all of the sudden…

… you notice yourself breaking into a sweat and your mind is bombarding you with thoughts such as “Does he like me?”, “OMG I really like him… What if he’s The One?”, “Do I look too fat?  Too enthusiastic?  Too desperate? Too needy?  Too…..????”

Sound familiar?

The truth is that while women enter into dating with the desire to find their Soulmate, unbeknownst to them, there is an aspect of themselves that is actually running the show.  This very ancient part keeps them from the partner they seek.

And the bad news is that NO amount of therapy can rid you of it…

But awareness is the first step to change.

What do I mean?  Click on today’s video to find out!

Now it’s your turn:  Share us how your reptile self showed up on your last date?  What did you do?

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In love, service and pleasure,

Joelle Lydon


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