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So You’re at a Crossroads

1235915_448398285283388_1658807369_nEveryone has a desire unspoken. Be honest. What’s YOURS?

Maybe you’re at a crossroads.

If you’re a self-help junkie (c’mon now, raise that hand, stand proud) you’ve likely come across terms like “The Essential Self,” your “Authentic Nature” and your “Intuitive Gifts.” The key to pulling these heady concepts into your everyday life is to clear out the thoughts that are clogging your brilliance, and to listen to your body… because your body always knows the truth, long before your brain catches on.

When do you feel on fire? Tuned in, tapped in, turned on? All systems GO?

When does your relationship with your man feel expansive, loved, sexy?  When do you lose track of time because you’re so fascinated by the task at hand and completely in the moment? What vocation or mission – practical, or practically impossible – would make you leap out of bed each morning, soar through the day with a sh*t eating grin, and burn the midnight oil with the kind of fervor found in a manic high?

What? Not sure? Maybe it’s an inkling…just a faint flicker?

Coaching is about re-igniting all the flames that have gone out – in your relationship, at work, at home, and everywhere that matters. It’s about taking forgotten, diluted, dusty, discarded dreams and blowing life back into them. It’s about turbo-charging your physical energy. It’s about telling self-limiting thought patterns to shape up or hit the road, Jack. It’s about being the best possible version of you for your spouse/lover, your kids, your career, and your community. Mostly, it’s about sushi + Cee Lo Green + cashflow + kisses. Or however YOU define personal fulfillment. (Everyone has their own yummy version.)

During our time together, I’ll guide you through some rich and transformative self-inquiry prompts to help you reconnect with the dimmed-out part of your spirit that’s begging to be fired all up and delivered to the world. We’ll identify self-sabotaging beliefs (as well as positive, life-affirming ones – believe me it won’t be a long, drawn out swamp fest) and unpack repetitive themes of longing, fear and incompletion. Then we’ll plot out measurable steps to move you forward – towards a life that fulFILLS you, to the brim.

Set up your appointment for a 15 minute consultation with me.  Together, we’ll figure out what’s your next step.


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