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What if Your Only Job Were to Have A Great Life?




I’m like no other coach on earth…

I offer life coaching services for those of you ready to re-design your life.  No other coach has the capacity to accompany you as you unearth the passion and desire that live deep within you.  Your desires are our agenda.  Together, we will recreate your life that is a true reflection of your powerful essence.

You are already creative, resourceful and whole.

My work will not only change your life—it will infuse you with the passion that is your birthright.

The discipline of growing into greatness requires enormous courage.  I am not a therapist, counselor or mental health professional – nor is coaching meant to be a replacement for these kinds of support. If you want to recreate a life that is sourced by your deepest passions, you may be a candidate to coach with me.

I will provide you with the tools to get your goals with the kind of speed you never thought possible.  Sessions are done over the phone.


Tele-coaching (coaching over the telephone or Skype) is a convenient way to fit coaching into your life without having to worry about driving to yet another appointment. It saves you stress, time and money!  It also allows you access to coaching no matter where you happen to live.

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