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I coach women who are struggling in their relationships with men and who have a desire for Deep Soulful Love.


My clients come to me because they don’t trust men, they think “all the good ones are taken,” they believe amazing relationships only happen for others and not for them.  They go on dates hoping to “land the One,” feel disappointed when he’s not and angry they’ve wasted yet another night.

By partnering with me, you learn to uncork your deepest desires and then express them with transparency to another.  It means unlearning everything you have learned about men, relationships, fitting in, following the rules in order to “be a good girl”  and everything you learned about “standing out.”

There will invariably be people who won’t accept you .

And in that case, my clients look to become their own badass self, without apology.

To stand confidently, genuinely and sincerely in a relationship with a man is what my clients desire. They are ready to take the next step toward the love the desire so that may get their just desserts.

Results you can expect from coaching with me:

  • Clarity about your desires;
  • A greater understanding of men’s language and way of being
  • A shift to hopeful and inspired from stuck and discouraged;
  • Practical and magical love re-invention techniques and tools
  • Support to co-create a relationship that is aligned with your true self;
  • Strategies you can learn to overcome your obstacles;
  • Faster results that if you were working alone;
  • A Comprehensive pre-work package;
  • Weekly practice work

How I Coach

I coach on the telephone or livecam on Skype, so you can be anywhere in the world! Telephone/Skype coaching is even more intense, focused and effective than in-person coaching.  If you really want to change something in your life, it can happen fast.

This is how it works:

 1.  “Dare to Love Greatly Breakthrough Session.”    A 60 minute recorded discovery and diagnostic session.  You gain clarity on your current situation and we identify your next steps.  All new clients have this session, after which you can decide whether to continue on with small group or individual coaching.  Click here to schedule your session.

2.  15– Minute Consult.  We both determine if we are a good fit for one another and you identify your goals for coaching.  Click here to schedule your 15 minutes.

3.  Small Group Coaching.  Small coaching groups are six week intensives with 6 – 8 participants.  You get personalized attention and you learn and practice the tools that you need align your life with your true nature.  I offer the following groups regularly:  Dare to Love Greatly, Understanding Men’s  Language, From Fearful to Fierce

In a small group you experience the natural learning process, first gaining awareness and then experimentation.  You also share and connect with the other group members honestly and authentically.  This connection is invaluable.  I highly recommend small group coaching as the best way to jumpstart your relationship re-invention.  This is the most cost effective coaching option.

4. One-on-One Coaching.  In individual coaching you learn and practice the tools that you need to align your life with your true nature.  This is the way that you will find and fulfill your true calling in life.  If you prefer to work one-on-one, then this is your option.  There are limited one-on-one coaching spots.

Start by setting up your Breakthrough session now.  I’ll help you to select the right option!


1.   “Dare to Love Greatly” Breakthrough Session

In this session, you will gain clarity and perspective on where you currently are stuck.  All new clients have this session.  This helps you to decide on a plan of action that will work for you.  I believe that you are the only expert in your own life, so I teach you to listen to and follow your own inner wisdom.  For some people, this is the only coaching session they ever need.

You will:

  • identify what is blocking you from finding or fulfilling your true love;
  • gain clarity and become aware of your blind spots;
  • get unstuck and hopeful;
  • get my recommendations on next steps.

In this 60 minute recorded session you will:

  • Find out what is really blocking you from finding the love you seek;
  • Learn what you need to start doing to co-create relationship you want;
  • Gain clarity on your gifts and your true desires.


2.  Small Group Coaching

Go to the Classes and Groups page on this site for details about small groups that are currently available.

 3.  6-Month Coaching Package

 I accept a limited number of individual coaching clients per month.   My coaching services have one ultimate goal:  to help you discover and express your true nature, in your relationships and in your work.  This is the only way that you will find your true calling in life.

Your coaching sessions will focus on overcoming the blockages that were identified in your “Breakthrough Relationship Fear”  session.  This could include one or more of the following:

  • Uncluttering your mind and your thinking;
  • Identifying or Claiming your superpowers, talents and gifts;
  • Learning to listen to and trust your inner wisdom;
  • Facing and sidestepping fear and uncertainty;
  • Creating your the relationship you desire.
  • Understanding men without taking things personally.

Coaching with me will help you to:

  • Identify and embrace your passions and desires;
  • Create a relationship that brings you and your man higher;
  • Define an empowered and authentic way of showing up in your relationships ;
  • Make the transition from feeling powerless to being treated like a Queen;
  • Overcome the fear, doubts and uncertainty that you have about being your true self;
  • Learn and practice the tools you need to completely transform your life.


 Schedule a 15 minute conversation to see if my style is right for you, click here to schedule 15 minutes with me.

All services are payable by PayPal. 


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