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Group coaching is where the magic happens!

It’s the secret weapon that nobody knows about.  In a group you automatically belong to a community of like-minded people.  You get coached and learn from hearing others get coached.

In a group you get inspired; you get clear on what you want; you get an accountability structure and you get tools to help you make your ideas real.   The biggest benefit of groups is that you start to see what makes you unique – the essence of what you need to know to find your calling.

It’s magical!

The group experience inspires you to create the life of your dreams faster than you would alone, and you learn exactly what you need to do!  Find out what groups I’m currently offering below.

The Desire Room Salon Events

A Confidence Building, Sister Bonding, Supportive & Motivating Women’s Only Salon!

GETTING UNSTUCK IN LOVE – Thursday, Feb. 26 at 7pm

In this Desire Room Salon, we’ll be exploring all the nuances of getting unstuck so that you can begin to…

-Understand how your thoughts impact and affect your current ability to let love in.
-Learn where you are stuck
-Know what steps to take to let love in
-Learn to lean on your Sisters to help you stay committed to your Desire.

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THE WILD WOMAN’s WAY, Thursday, March 12 at 7pm

Do you remember the question, “What are girls made of?Sugar and spice and everything nice”

Aren’t you sick of being nice?

This Desire Room Salon will be steeped in rich discussion on how to own the spice part of yourself with conviction. how to show up in your relationships and your life transparently, genuinely and sincerely, and how to give voice to the not so socially “acceptable” or “appropriate” faces you own.

In this Desire Room Talk, we’ll be exploring all the nuances appreciating and getting into agreement with all of you, so that you can begin to…

-Stop hiding.

-Bring out your playful self.

-Learn how to be in relationship honestly, genuinely and sincerely with everyone in your life.

-Know what signs to look for to know if the man you are dating is one that is the right fit for you

-Lean on your Sisters to help you stay committed to your Desires.

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There are five basic love languages – five ways to express love emotionally. Each person has a primary love language that we must learn to speak if we want that person to feel loved.

This Desire Room Salon will explore these expressions or perceptions of love and how we apply them in our relationships with spouses or partners.

Discover what your main love language is and how you apply it to how you give and receive love. We also look at the love languages of your loved ones, how they differ to yours and how this can effect your relationships.

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WHO IS RUNNING THE SHOW WHEN YOU DATE? Thursday, April 9th at 7pm

Instinct is a driving force on your behaviour, whether you are aware of it or not.

This Desire Room will be steeped in rich discussion on who is actually showing up on your dates: is it your Human Animal or your Spiritual Animal? You will learn a life-changing tool that will let the part of you you WISH were showing up and shake you loose from everything that has you false advertising…

-Know if he is a good fit for you.

-Show up as YOU. pure delicious YOU

-Release the stress and charge you feel before you even show up on the date

-Learn to lean on your Sisters to help you stay committed to your Desire.

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