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Can’t get through your “to do” list? This may be why…

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You’ve had the same 3 items on your to-do list for the last month.

You know you want to get them done.

You know that these activities will help you out.

You know that they are important to you.

What’s getting in the way?

There may be something larger at play than you realize…


It shows up in the most deceptive ways, concealing itself, masquerading as something else.

Just to keep you in your Zone of Comfort.

It is not in the Zone of Comfort that we grow.  And, I know, you would not be reading this if you were not looking to make change in your life in some way or another and were willing to step out of the zone…..

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One Response to “Can’t get through your “to do” list? This may be why…”

  1. Karen says:

    This was really helpful, Joelle! Shared and Liked. Looking forward to more!! I am turning 50 in just a few days, and really feeling so unsure of what I should head towards at this time in my life.

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