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Being Your Own Beloved on Valentine’s Day

Until this week-end, I hadn’t thought about Valentine’s Day too much.  And then it happened. I get an email from a girlfriend requesting stories and ideas about a Valentine’s Day past…  The request was followed by such a wave of juicy, hot, delicious tales, I thought my keyboard would burst into flames!

I got caught up in it all, riding my girlfriends’ wave and had wanted to contribute until SHE showed up.  Bertha.  The one who whispers nothing but trouble to me.  This time, she said, “Who do you think you are? You are alone.  You have never even come close to experiencing any of this kind of sexyness in your life.”  I really had wanted to participate, not be a downer and to uplift and acknowledge them.  I bet you think I asked for a seat at the pity table-for-one, right?  Nuh-uh.  Wrong.  I did what any woman ought to do: Brag. Brag you say?  Yup.  Brag about the love I have for myself as a direct result of having them in my life.

As an aside, and to be truly transparent, I was a little jealous of their adventuresand relationships.  And yet, I have in the last year been choosing to bring the energy of love into my life in the form of cultivating my friends, creativity, writing, projects coaching and, most importantly, self-love.  It has been a process of discovery.  One which confirms that I am enough. (C’mon, say it with me!)

So, for those of you, like me, who find themselves “alone” this Valentine’s day, know that you, too, are enough. Yes, those silly commercials, the flowers received by co-workers, and the card companies would want you to believe something different – that you are less than if you are unattached on “V” Day.  I would challenge you in this notion.  And adopt with me an attitude of contrarian optimism:

  • See yourself as the beautiful woman that you are and dress the part.  Don’t walk out of the house until you feel smokin’ hot!!!!!
  • Buy your favorite flowers and, unabashedly and unapologetically, set them on your desk for all to see.
  • While you’re at it, write love notes to yourself and put them in the bouquet.  When someone asks you who they are from, tell them (with a wink) they’re from someone who loves you VERY much…
  • Acknowledge others this Valentine’s Day.  Perform random acts of kindness. Put a Hershey’s kisses on your coworkers’ desks with a note of appreciation for their work.  (If you work from home, that would be you….)
  • Take a dance break in the middle of the work day.  Better yet, get the whole office dancing!

Now we’re not done.  You could go home, and slump into a swamp.  I don’t recomend that.  Rather,

  • create a beautiful space in your bathroom: scented candles, essential oils, play soothing music, have herbal tea or wine at the ready.
  • Take a luxurious bath and follow it by lathering yourself with your favorite lotion (I love the Firming Body Moisturizer by Sense.  My body feels SO loved!)
  • Dress in your sexiest nightie and read a hot, hot, hot novel!
  • Make a journal entry: On Becoming My Own Beloved or, better yet…
  • Write yourself a love letter.  The kind you would truly desire to receive from someone else.  If you are so wanting, stick it in the mail and, when it arrives, gush at how true each and every statement is

Know I’ll be with you on this one.  Girl, we are resourceful.  We know how to find pleasure in everything.  I invite you to be selfish this Valentine’s Day and to treat yourself like your own beloved.

Sending Hugs this Valentine’s Day —- ((((((YOU))))))


2 Responses to “Being Your Own Beloved on Valentine’s Day”

  1. This sounds down right sexy and I love it. VDay is not to leave the single ladies out. No day is. When you are truly loving yourself, it is a thing of beauty.

    Even though, I am with someone… I practice these kinds of rituals alone often. It keeps you being madd sexy all the time! I’ll get in a couple of these today! More love.

    • admin says:

      How wonderful that you practice these rituals for yourself in relationship! It is one of the surefire way to keep your fire stoaked!!!! Muah!

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