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A Tool for Getting Clear on Your Desires for 2013 (video)

We are always creating.

Each thought has a vibrational quality that will attract its likeness unto it.  So, if you think to yourself “This year sucked, so 2013 will be more of the same” then you’ll most likely experience that as your truth.

November is a time to get clarity on what unfolded, for you to see what worked, what didn’t and what you were grateful for.  It is also a time to recognize your strengths and to cast out your desires on how you wish the upcoming year to unfold.

I’ve created a tool for you to use to help you in that process.  This is part I of this tool.  To make it work for you, you’ll need to:

1. Create space:  take time and make room for you to use this tool when you will not be interrupted.  Give yourself an hour’s time.  Ensure you have everything you need: candles, soft music, your favorite pens, and something refreshing to drink.

2. Get clear: clarity is Queen when working with your desires.  So clear the mental clutter onto your paper in order to allow the clarity to shine through.

3. Think it, feel it, believe it:  When you get to the Create portion of this tool, really envision yourself as if you already have created or done what it is you desire.  Let the warmth of the thought run through your body.

4. Relax, you dun’ good!

This week, I challenge you to use this tool and to share what you are going to create in 2013.  Be specific.

Your juicy ideas uplift and inspire us all.

Thank you, as always, for reading, commenting and sharing!

P.S. While this material doesn’t cost you a cent, I am building my Right Livelihood, after all.  So all I ask from you is to share this article with at least 3 friends.  Fair trade, right? xoxo


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