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A Pleasure Evolution

Progressing through a personal Pleasure Revolution has been met with fits, starts and resistance. It has also been rife with “Aha!” moments. One major change on this journey has been to consciously begin to make time to learn to love the home that my Self lives in: my body.

Taking care of and nurturing the body physically has been a no brainer: I go to my gynecologist once a year, the dentist twice a year, I exercise 3-5 times a week, I take nutritional supplements (USANA – the best! Recommended by Dr. Christiane Northrup!), eat my veggies, get plenty of rest and wear clothing that makes me feel beautiful and powerful (Although, I admit, this is fairly recent occurrence). In all of this self-care, I have put off appreciating all of my parts: the droopy ones, the wrinkling ones, the graying ones, the flabby ones, the ones that remind me of my mother, and the ones which can’t be mentioned.

It is there, in the last part, where I have chosen to park myself for the past week. Eve Ensler, in her award winning play The Vagina Monologues, talks of all of the names ascribed to that part of ourselves and the sense of shame associated with our vulvas – so much so that many of US can’t even say the word. One’s “What Not” (that’s what my mother called it, I kid you not – and my grandmother called hers “Aggie Morales….Some lineage, no?) is disregarded unless it is to bitch about the injustices she brings upon us: bleeding, tampons, and uncontrollable mood swings. She is called ugly, smelly, filthy, she ruins our vacations and is cursed for doing her job. We do very little to honor, respect and value her for her gifts: for giving pleasure, letting us know we can still bear children, keeping us connected to the cycles of nature, and giving me the most valuable treasure in my life, my son.

So I have begun to throw a party in honor of her after years of not thinking of her at all except to feel badly, curse her name or hand her over to a man whose expertise in my own anatomy I felt was superior to my own (Ha! What a joke!!!). The evolving lesson has been that, after believing that the key to my own fulfillment lied in someone else’s hands, I’ve discovered that I have been holding the keys all along. If I had been given as much attention to her physical beauty, to personal pleasure and to discovering what makes me tingle with excitement as I have my creativity, spirituality and teaching, I might be writing a completely different blog today. As Mama Gena would put it, I have had a Maserati in the garage and never even took a peek….

This week, I invite you to engage in a full body blessing (invite ALL parts of you – including “What not”.)  Send the kids out on a play date, put on soothing music, light candles and either with your hands or your mind, ritually acknowledge the beauty of every part of you. Thank your body for existing, for allowing you to be fully you, for supporting you in your journey and for making possible all that you do. Treat your home with all of the consideration she deserves. Know that you are holding the keys, the tool for your own empowerment and the ultimate embodiment of your individuality, and then watch your home respond with such gratitude, she glistens with pleasure….

P.S. I also invite you to check out Lissa Rankin’s book “What’s Up Down There”. She, and her book, are amazing!

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