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5 Ways to Look Hot (without going broke)


Because in the last 2 days I’ve been told that (1) I look 10 years younger and (2) I look great, I thought I’d let you in on my secrets…. Caveat: I do not rely on make-up for my beauty. My skin is healthy, so it does not require cover up. And, although my skin has changed over time (more sagging, more lines….), I have taken up some habits and made some lifestyle choices in the last few months which seem to have affected my skin’s appearance,

Here are five easy tips that can help you discover your beauty without going broke:

  1. Eat clean and drink lots of purified water. Your diet definitely affects the looks of your skin – not to mention your overall health.  Add way more foods that your grandma would recognize to your diet (if it’s in a bag or box – she most likely would have no clue).  Lots of greens are key!  Purified water is essential for well-hydrated, youthful skin and it supports the growth of healthy skin cells – drink 8-10 glasses a day.  Make your last meal of the day be early enough that your body has an opportunity to digest.
  2. Get thee to bed!  (And, no tv watching in bed either….)  Nighttime is when the cells in your body rejuvenate and repair any damage from the day.  Getting enough rest will reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes and help keep your cranky self at bay (not to mention anxiety and depression…)
  3. TAKE YOUR VITAMINS – This is key.  Not only do vitamins and minerals provide the essential nutrients you need to stay healthy and full of energy, they also play a major role in your outward appearance.  Make sure you are buying pharmaceutical grade, GMP manufactured vitamins to ensure purity, potency and absorbability.   Otherwise you may be peeing your money away.  Did you know that most over-the counter vitamins are FDA approved which means that only 20% of what’s on the label actually needs to be in the product????  Spend a little more (this is where I will invite you NOT to skimp) and invest in your health! (I take mine twice a day to ensure optimal health)
  4. Protect Your Skin – You want to look good, right?  Not only do you want to feed your body the proper nutritional supplements, you want to protect the largest organ in your body: your skin!  Make sure that you chose a skin care line that has no parabens and where the packaging ensures that no bacteria will come to play.  You want sure that you use a product that has an spf of 15 or more.  (I have been using Sensé Beautiful Science for 4 years and to be truly transparent, I am also a distributor)
  5. Listen To Your Body – Ever got a gut feeling to do something but let your mind take over and ended up in a bad situation?  That was your body speaking.  Our minds may deceive us but our bodies never will.  It knows if you are doing something it doesn’t like and will let you know in no uncertain terms.  Stress plays a major factor in reducing the Looking Hot factor.  Take a Nia or Yoga class.  Take the dog for a walk.  Play with your children.  Breathe, breathe, breathe!  And, save yourself money by reducing caffeine and alcohol – I know, I like my vino, too.  But all this in excess shows up on your appearance.

Try these tips for a month.  Once you are committed to your overall well-being, you, too will be recognized for being the hot, sexy mamma you’ve always known yourself to be!


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