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3 Tips to Heal The Soul

Here are some simple snack-sized tips to keep you clean and clear…

They take practice but are well worth the effort.

It’s no different than going to the gym; you get out what you put in.  So get your groove on!



When you find yourself getting caught up in mind chatter, the moment the awareness creeps in STOP, do a body scan.  Which parts of you body are in contact with something else?  Sense your feet on the floor, your back on the chair, your elbow on the table, your fingers on the keyboard.  Whichever body part is touching something else, sense.  The process of paying attention, slows everything down.  Make it into a game – how many parts can you sense?

This helps you practice the art of being in the now.



Would you say the things you say to yourself to your best friend? (“You’re so fat”, “you’re so ugly”, “you’re so stupid”, “nobody likes you”…..)  Become aware of when you are smacking yourself around.  That’s step one.  Don’t beat yourself up for going there, acknowledge the chatter, but refuse to accept it. Replace it with a self-affirming mantra that makes you feel good. It’s best to have some of these in your mind to automatically go to such as:

  • I am beautiful
  • My body is perfect – a work of art
  • I am an amazing person.  Everybody likes me
  • I am incredibly smart

While you’re at it, after you’ve said these loving things to yourself, say them to your friends.  Spread the love around.



Ever heard of a gratitude journal?  It’s a wonderful way to keep track daily of your gratitudes..

If you are feeling sorry for yourself…go to gratitude
If you are stressed out about something…go to gratitude
If you are obsessing…go to gratitude
If you are afraid…go to gratitude
If you are overwhelmed…go to gratitude
If you are burnt out…
You fill in the blank; gratitude is a great cure all.

The cumulative effect of practicing these things is life changing.  Do your research.  Post your findings!


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